James Cameron Wants Full VFX For 9-Hour Avatar 3 Cut

Director James Cameron reportedly handed over a 9-hour cut of the upcoming Avatar 3 to the studio and requested that all VFX be applied to it. Jeff Sneider of The Hot Mic podcast reports that Cameron delivered a 9-hour cut of Avatar 3 to 20th Century Fox. Then, he insisted that all 9 hours’ worth of visual effects be completed before he would consider making any cuts. Although Sneider cannot personally attest to the accuracy of the study, his disclosure of it lends credence to its assertions.

In his podcast, Jeff Sneider commented:

“Someone reached out and said Cameron handed in a cut of Avatar 3 last week. The cut was, no joke, 9-hours long. And apparently, he’s insisting on doing the VFX for this cut, so that all 9-hours get fully VFX’d, then he’ll cut it down. Rather than figuring out what he wants and having them just do the VFX for that. That’s what I heard.”

According to the rumor mill, if 20th Century Studios grants Cameron’s request and finishes the visual effects on the 9-hour edit of the picture, the filmmaker will be forced to repurpose the chopped content in a series, which might lead to Avatar 3 having subplots that serve as companion adventures to the main plot. But as of yet, there has been no formal word from Cameron’s side.

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