Michael Keaton’s Movie “Batman Beyond” Reportedly Shelved

There are reports that the latest victim in the chaotic restructuring of DC Studios may be a new Batman movie that would have seen Michael Keaton take the cape once more to become The Caped Crusader. To the dismay of many, reports claim that the film was supposed to be an adaptation of the iconic Batman comic series, Batman Beyond.

The Hot Mic with Jeff Sneider, and John Rocha reported that DC’s new head honchos, James Gunn, and Peter Safran, have stopped a new solo Batman story. This would have featured Keaton reprising the role he played 30 years ago for Tim Burton.

Christina Hodson was to write the film, according to reports. She was also responsible for other DC Universe films, including Birds of Prey (based on Harley Quinn), The Flash (which was soon released), and Batgirl (which was cancelled).

Umberto Gonzalez from TheWrap confirmed Sneider’s report that Hodson was writing a Batman film starring Michael Keaton before it was scrapped. It was also to be an adaptation for Batman Beyond. Batman Beyond was created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. It premiered on Kids’ WB in 1999, as part of the DC Animated Universe.

Sneider speculated on what happened to the project and added: “…[Gunn [and Safran] came into the room and said, “Absolutely not,'” he said. “I’m sure that was part of the condition of even getting Keaton back in the first place… ‘You have to develop a solo movie for me.’ But I’m sure that they were just like, ‘Nope. We’re not messing with Batman. Batman is doing great right now, Matt Reeves’ Batman. This, everything else Batman — or Joker — gone. ‘”

Keaton was originally Batman/Bruce Wayne in 1989’s Batman. He then reprised the role in Batman Returns in 1992. Interestingly and perhaps even more important, Keaton has already filmed scenes for Batgirl, as well as an appearance in The Flash. Given her previous work with Keaton, it would make sense for Hodson be given the writing task on this Beyond adaptation.


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