Sacha Baron Cohen Is MCU’s New Villian, Set to Appear in Upcoming TV Show

As per the latest reports, Sacha Baron Cohen is reportedly set to play the role of Marvel's popular villain Mephisto in the MCU.

Remember those Wanda-Vision days when we thought Marvel’s Mephisto was controlling Hex and wanting Wanda’s children? Yeah, we know how that panned out. The same is true for Loki, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness, and yet he didn’t show up. But, now it looks like the wait is over, as Mephisto’s first official appearance in the MCU is just around the corner, now that we have a better idea of who might be playing him in the upcoming Disney+ MCU show.

According to several reliable insiders online such as Giant Freakin Robot, Sasha Baron Coen, who is set to appear in Ironheart in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), will play the role of Mephisto.

Mephisto in Comics

Lizzie Hill, the editor-in-chief of The Cosmic Circus, tweeted in support of these rumors:

“I don’t want to be a “coattails rider” here but yes I hear, and have some confidence, that Sacha Baron Coen is involved with #Ironheart. I believe he’s not Dormammu and that the Mephisto rumors may be true. Time will tell.”

Adding weight to this report, Marvel Twitter scooper @MyTimeToShineH, the 99% accurate leaker, retweeted the Coen/Mephisto rumor saying:

“It’s true and I love it. Perfect casting.”

In response to the fan’s question about the relevance of Mephisto in the Ironheart TV show and how he fits into the story, MyTimeToShineH responded that it is possible that Marvel may take a different direction from the comic book stories.

“The Hood is the villain of the show. He’s magic based character that makes a deal with a demon to get his cloak and powers. Originally it was with Dormammu in the comics but here it’s gonna be with Mephisto.”

MyTimeToShineH also stated that Mephisto will have a long-term role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It has just been confirmed by Deadline that Sasha is portraying the role of Mephisto.

A source close to the production confirmed to Deadline that there is talk on the set about Cohen being part of Ironheart, likely playing Mephisto. He also has been spotted at the Marvel facilities located at UK’s Pinewood Studios. Reps for Marvel and Cohen have refused to comment on any Cohen involvement in Ironheart or the larger MCU.

But this is earth right, everybody isn’t gonna be on the same page. Several Fans have expressed disagreement in regards to Sasha Baron Coen playing Mephisto in tweets such as:

“Another reason not to watch the show”

“Why him?”

“Meh, it’s okay”

“Idk how to feel about this one”

Iron-Heart TV Show: What Is It?

The cast of IronHeart discussed the “battle between magic and technology” as one of the main themes of the series, which might mean Sacha Baron Cohen showing up as Mephisto and you may ask how?

Ironheart’s main villain, The Hood, who is set to be played by Anthony Ramos, has developed this theory further. A lot of people have wondered where The Hood’s street magic comes from, and it could be that he has these powers from an outside source. It may be Mephisto who pulls the strings and provides the Hood’s power, and Sacha Baron Cohen could be playing Mephisto.

Who is Mephisto ?

Mephisto is an extradimensional Demon who rules a fiery pocket dimension that he calls Hell or Hades, but it isn’t the Hell of Christianity or the Hades ruled by Pluto, the Olympian god of the dead. In essence, Mephisto is the devil’s version of Lucifer. When a human does something evil, he becomes energized by the sources of evil in the human world, which we would imagine is quite a lot, especially if he can persuade the human to do it. It is Mephisto’s constant endeavor to expand his realm by enticing living sentient beings to submit their wills to his. While Mephisto will also use extraterrestrials on Earth to enslave human souls, his main focus seems to be on enslaving human souls.

As far as I am concerned, Sasha Baron Coen is the right choice for this role.

What do you feel about the casting? Do you think Sasha Baron Coen can do justice as Mephisto? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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