The Sequel To Man of Steel with Henry Cavill Is Officially Happening

A sequel to Man of Steel is currently in development with Henry Cavill returning.

According to the THR report, Warner Bros. Pictures’ Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy would like to see more of the Superman character, as their “intense desire” for Cavill to return led them to produce what is essentially a sequel to Man of Steel, produced by Charles Roven, and which is currently seeking writers.

Apparently, Warner Bros. Pictures is interested in Christopher McQuarrie, the man behind Mission: Impossible movies. McQuarrie collaborated with Cavill on Fallout in 2018, but THR sources report that no formal outreach has been made nor is it likely to be feasible as the director is busy working on the next back-to-back installments of the Impossible franchise.

Black Adam vs Superman

superman vs black adam
Fan art depicting Superman and Black Adam

Dwyane Johnson, on the other hand, has plans for Superman on his own, and he has been very vocal about the possibility of making a Black Adam vs. Superman movie, something he has emphasized more frequently in the months leading up to the film. Cavill is expected to appear at the end of Adam in a “surprise” cameo, which the actor all but says will happen. 

About a potential Black Adam/Superman crossover movie, Johnson told‘s, Brandon Davis,

“The question is, should it be the showdown? I don’t know if that’s the way to go.” When Black Adam fans see the end and pay close attention, as I know they will… they will pay attention to the words and the looks that were said. We will follow that lead.”

As he continued, “I don’t think we can go there right away.” We have reached a place where the audience knows we are listening to them. And when I say, “We’re listening to the audience,” they know it’s true. The DC Universe is being built up, and that’s what we mean when we say, “welcome home.” You know who I’m talking about when I say, “welcome home.” 

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Dwayne Johnson was in charge of Superman cameo, and also played a crucial role in bringing Henry Cavill back as Superman.

In a report from THR, Cavill was not originally planned for Black Adam, but he was added during reshoots. The scene was originally cut, but Johnson spoke with De Luca and Abdy, bringing it back to the final cut after intense negotiating. It was shot in mid-September. Before Johnson won execs over with Cavill’s return, DC Films head Walter Hamada pitched a multi-decade story of a Black Superman, breaking away from the Zack Snyder era.

Finally, DC fans got what they have been wanting for years in the form of its own movie, and it seems likely that in the near future, DC will regain its popularity and rival the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a serious competitor in the movie industry.

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