Taimara Ghati Time Zone Mysteriously Changed To 2024

The time zone for an area in India mysteriously changed to 2024, two years ahead.

We usually see these things in Science Fiction and Fantasy films, but this mysterious, largely unexplored blue planet wants to bring it to reality, and give humankind an interesting plot twist.

There is a mysterious area between Rampur and Taimara Valley in India that has recently gained attention due to its mysterious nature. When passing through this area, the time and year on your mobile device automatically change.

Whenever you check your phone here, you will see the year 2024, not 2022, as the time zone advances by two years. Furthermore, your phone’s clock starts displaying a different time when you check it here. Upon arrival, the date-setting message begins appearing in your WhatsApp on your mobile device.

There is nothing to be seen in this valley except a temple with an idol of Maa Kali and Bajrang Bali on the roadside. The locals claim they also see a woman walking around on this road who is dressed in white clothes. As a result, when the driver of the vehicle tries to save the woman, his vehicle crashes. This road is frequently dotted with crashed vehicles, which is why a temple was built a few years ago to prevent such incidents. Often, people stop to pray at this temple, and then they move on.

Although this situation is often attributed to the Tropic of Cancer that passes through this region, similar incidents haven’t been reported in any other location, so there’s still a lot of doubt about this.

In addition, some environmentalists have also reasoned that it may be the result of the heavy magnetic fields/radiations present in the region, which cause such disturbances.

As of now, the Taimara Ghati mystery remains unfathomable and unsolved.

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