Twitter Edit Button Feature, Elon Musk on Trump Ban

Elon Musk announces edit button feature on Twitter will be made available to everyone and shared an update on banned accounts - Donald Trump.

Twitter’s edit feature used to be a fantasy for many general users but is now a reality, as it might be available to everyone very soon. Bloomberg reports that Twitter will offer the edit feature to all users as early as this week, marking one of Elon Musk’s first major product changes.

When Does the Edit Button Roll Out On Twitter?

As of today, tweet editing is locked behind Twitter’s $4.99 Twitter Blue subscription, which is only available in a few countries — the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand — and Twitter emphasizes that the feature is still being tested. It seems Musk thinks the Edit feature is ready for everyone, and he is planning to upgrade it soon.

In fact, the whole concept behind Twitter Blue has changed since Elon Musk is now planning on charging $8 per month (originally proposed 20$). A Twitter Blue subscription offers blue tick verification, priority replies, the ability to post long videos, and half as many ads. However, the catch is that it is a requirement for blue tick verification, and as a result, sparked controversy among many celebrities.

However, Elon constantly reiterated that all celebrities and personalities must subscribe to Twitter Blue to keep their blue tick.

Bloomberg reports that the new Blue could go live as early as Monday, November 7th.

Elon Musk on Donald Trump’s Ban From Twitter

On Wednesday, Musk tweeted that “Twitter will not allow people de-platformed for violating Twitter rules to come back on the platform until there is a clear process for doing that, which will take at least another few weeks.”Musk added that “Twitter’s content moderation council will include representatives with widely divergent views, including those representing civil rights advocates and those battling hate crimes.”

Twitter banned Donald Trump in January 2021 for violating Twitter regulations under the leadership of Jack Dorsey.

At the time, Musk supported Trump and said Twitter’s ban of Trump was “morally wrong and stupid.” In May, Musk announced he would reverse the ban once he became Twitter’s CEO. In the past, Musk opposed permanent Twitter bans, saying that they should be reserved for bots and spam accounts..”

As soon as Musk took over Twitter, he announced that he would form a content moderation council with a wide range of viewpoints. He also mentioned that no major decisions would be made before the council convenes for an extensive discussion first. “No major changes to content moderation or account reinstatements will take place before the council meets,” he stated.


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