Vin Diesel Look-Alike 3D Model Of First Human Being Is A Prank

The 3D model of the first human being, which resembles Vin Diesel, is not real.

A 3D model of the first human being became extremely popular online recently because of its uncanny resemblance to Vin Diesel from the Fast & Furious, and MCU Groot. The 3D model was originally posted by @AlamoNYC on Twitter, saying that Princeton University reconstructed a 3D model of how Adam, the first human being created by God, might have looked.

However, it turns out the Internet and many reputable outlets throughout the world have been pranked, despite the publisher’s clear declaration that it is a joke.

In the original tweet, @AlamoNYC described this 3D model as follows; “Scientists at Princeton University have reconstructed this 3D model of how Adam, the first human being created by God, might have looked.”

But, no one seems to have noticed the other tweet in the same thread.

Based on the publisher’s response, it is clear that this was merely a joke intended to get people’s attention.

We did however get the memes, so that’s good.


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