Official Synopsis:  An engineering graduate, Abhishek, is unable to find a job of his calibre. So, he ends up working for a panchayat in a remote Indian village and deals with several mundane challenges.


Official Synopsis:  Doctors, nurses, first responders, and other hospital personnel deal with a crisis of immense magnitude in Mumbai.


Official Synopsis:  Five inspiring voices of contemporary Tamil cinema offer up new stories of love and hope to celebrate the resilient human spirit in uncertain times.

putham pudhu kaalai vidiyaadhaa…

Official Synopsis:  Legal drama erupts between a family that is the paragon of virtue and the other, a leading law firm dealing with all shades of grey.

guilty minds

Official Synopsis:  The Mumbai Mavericks are playing their sixth season in the power play league; the preliminary rounds are going well, but when the team gets a new owner, the climate in the team changed; greed and fame come to the fore.


Official Synopsis:  Four classmates develop a lasting bond as they strive to survive their first semester in an Indian hostel as their lives intersect with other hostel clients.

hostel daze

Official Synopsis: Five unique filmmakers - share new stories of hope, love, connections and second chances that celebrate the resilient human spirit in these uncertain times.


Official Synopsis: Exploring six unique yet universal stories of human connection and love in its varied forms, including romantic, platonic, parental, sexual, familial, marital and self love.

Modern Love : Mumbai


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