Armor Wars is  No Longer A 


A new report from The Hollywood Reporter states that the upcoming 'Armor Wars' series on Disney+ is now going to be turned into a theatrical release.

As of now, Armor Wars is being developed as a feature film that will hit theaters in 2023. The film marks Cheadle's debut as the lead actor in an MCU film.

According to the report, the studio was committed to "telling the story in the right way," which led to the decision to produce a movie instead of a 6-episode series.

Screenplay writer Yassir Lester is still attached to the project to pen the movie's screenplay. Production was being eyed for 2023, but has now been delayed to this latest development.

This announcement has led fans to speculate that Marvel might be paving the way for Tony Stark to play A.I. in the film.

Armor Wars follows War Machine after everything he went through in Phase 3, including the death of Tony Stark, and War Machine must face what happens when Tony Stark's tech falls into the wrong hands.

The story is confirmed to take place after the events of Secret Invasion.

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