Avatar 2 Review: Better Than Original?

Avatar: The Way of Water is that cinema that you know once you watched the first 15 mins, you get this feeling that this is pure blockbuster cinema that you’ve been longing for years.

It felt like a movie made by a director who knows shit what he is doing, who knows how to make a blockbuster picture that will once again leave its footprint in pop culture. What else to say to describe that feeling, maybe ‘mighty’, and ‘rare’?

And obviously, Avatar 2 is equally as great as Avatar 1. But interestingly, or I don’t know what else to dub it, it’s also as same as Avatar 1 in a lot of ways yet somehow it managed to be an entirely different film.

If you notice, Avatar 2 literally has the same blueprint as Avatar 1. It’s got the same plot points, and a lot of similar moments rehashed but enhanced a bit. However, does that undermine the quality of the film? Absolutely not! It’s made by this old man named James Cameron who knows how to put the audience on the edge of their seat. And he did it once again this time.

Nevertheless, when I said it’s almost as same as Avatar 1, it also applies to the narrative side which doesn’t bother to be anything new. It’s that classic family storyline, which 90% of the time doesn’t work for me because I’m honestly tired of seeing the lead sermonizing about family and shoving those mawkish, corny messages down our throats.

HOWEVER this film did not DO that, THANK YOU, James Cameron! He perfectly captured that aspect of family in a way that is not overly dramatic or hyperbolic.

But if there’s one thing that I’d gripe about, Maybe Cameron should have looked more into......

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