Upcoming Avengers Film Has Been Postponed

Due to the recent announcement that director Bassam Tariq bowed out of the project, "Blade" was delayed by one year. As a result, it created a domino effect that affected every MCU film in the pipeline.

This forced Marvel to reshuffle its film schedule, leading to the postponing of major films such as "Blade," "Deadpool 3," "Fantastic Four," and "Secret Wars."

Currently, Marvel is looking for a new director for the film starring Mahershala Ali as the title Blade.

"Blade" Nov. 3, 2023,  to Sept. 6, 2024⁠ "Deadpool 3" Sept. 6, 2024,  to Nov. 8, 2024⁠ "Fantastic Four" Nov. 8, 2024,  to Feb. 14, 2025⁠ "Untitled Marvel film" Feb. 14, 2025,  to Nov. 7, 2025; "Avengers: Secret Wars" Nov. 7, 2025,  to May 1, 2026⁠

An untitled Marvel film set for May 1, 2026 has been dropped from Disney's calendar.

As Phase Four of Marvel's Cinematic Universe comes to an end with "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever," the next Marvel movie will hit the big screen in November 2022.

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