Control iPhone With Your Brain

A New York-based company, Synchron, created a device called the Synchron Switch that allows patients to control their iPhones and iPads with their brains.

According to Semafor, an array of sensors known as a “Stentrode” is inserted through a blood vessel in the top of the brain. It is operated wirelessly through the Synchron Switch on the patient’s chest.

A former Melbourne software salesman, Rodney Gorham has debilitating disease ALS, which severely impacts his physical abilities. A report indicates six patients have been fitted with the Synchron Switch, including Gorham, the first patient to use the device with an Apple device.

According to Tom Oxley, Synchron's co-founder and CEO, "We're excited about iOS and Apple products because they're so ubiquitous, and this would be the first brain switch input into the device." On the iPad, Gorham turns his thoughts into action with the Synchron Switch

Read the full story here

Read the full story here

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