Is WereWolf by Night Best  MCU Phase-4  Project ? 

MCU is finally turning toward the gorier, more violent side of their spectrum after years of avoiding violent side.

Werewolf by night marks their first step into their universe's supernatural horror side, and was their experiment a success?  Well, it seems like the answer is yes.

Personally, I was captivated throughout the entire experience, even though it wasn't terrifying. But, the best part of the project was the direction, which was surprisingly impressive for Micheal Giacchino's first directorial effort. Who would've thought a music composer can actually direct a sick monster film?

I mean I would not even mind seeing the movie version of this property. In fact, It would have been way more intriguing to see the extended version of this story that includes the backstory of this lore.

But for what it is, surprisingly Werewolf by Night does storytelling far better than most phase-4 MCU projects. And yes, Werewolf by Night is certainly better than so-called MCU shows, and films.

It's better than Love and Thunder, Multiverse of Madness, She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, No Way Home, Eternals, Shang-Chi, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, What if.

Am I gushing out too much? Is this an exaggeration? Well..

Not really. The one thing that Werewolf by Night excelled at was what was lacking in those projects.

Werewolf By Night stayed true to its tone, to its subject, and to its core. However, you may have noticed I didn't mention a few other shows.

Because I believe WandaVision, Loki, and  Moon Knight are great shows. So do I feel the same thing about Werewolf by Night.



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