Marvel Will Now Prioritize Quality Over Quantity From Phase 5

According to the Cosmic Circus sources, Marvel Studios may be going through some big changes following Bob Iger's return to Disney as CEO and the negative feedback Phase 4 has received.

Marvel's content over the past two years has been uneven, and it has been argued by many critics that the studio prioritizes quantity over quality in its content.

Cosmic Circus and the outlet's sources claim that Marvel has taken note of those concerns about Phase 4, and is now "reevaluating the future releases" of Phase 5 and beyond that aren't yet in production "as a preventative measure to ensure quality control" and by emphasizing quality over quantity.

According to the report, Marvel and Disney are currently considering "establishing a sort of creative oversight" for the MCU's future releases to ensure "better quality control going forward."

The Cosmic Circus also reiterated that Special Presentations are gaining traction behind the scenes as a medium for delivering more potential projects.

As Outlet noted, some projects' release schedules may shift, media formats may change, and in the worst scenarios, a project may be postponed or cancelled completely if it is not suited to the overall story of the Multiverse Saga.

Let's hope Marvel gets his prime state, so that quality takes precedence over quantity.

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