Sleeping Less Than 5 Hours A Day Shortens Your Lifespan

In a study published in PLOS Medicine, researchers found that people who continued their sleep pattern during their sixties and seventies, consisting of less than five hours of sleep, were 30-40% more likely to suffer from multimorbidity or be diagnosed with two or more chronic diseases in comparison to those who got enough sleep at the same age.

“As people get older, their sleep habits and sleep structure change. However, it is recommended to sleep for 7 to 8 hours a night – as sleep durations above or below this have previously been associated with individual chronic diseases,"  Says Dr. Severine Sabia

To ensure a better night’s sleep, Saabia advised, “You should maintain good sleep hygiene, like keeping your bedroom quiet, dark, and at a comfortable temperature before you go to sleep.” “You should also avoid large meals before bedtime, as well as exercising and being exposed to light during the day to promote goodsleep.”

Read the full story here

Read the full story here

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Aside from observing the short duration of sleep, researchers also examined the association between long sleep hours and health outcomes in healthy people.

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