Vin Diesel Accidentally Leaks New Groot Movie

In a recent Instagram post, Vin Diesel celebrated the success of his Disney+ Shorts 'I Am Groot', noting his niece's love for the shorts, and may have accidentally revealed Marvel's plans for a solo Groot movie called "Planet X".

He wrote in his post description, "So my niece called me and said… thank you uncle Vin for making I Am Groot, haha… the shorts written and directed by the talented Kristin Lepore. It was a blast making, but it’s also a blast watching it with my angels. No wonder Marvel wants to make the Planet X movie. All love. #FloraColossi #AlphaGroot #PlanetX"

Planet X is the homeworld of the Flora colossus, the alien race from which Groot originated, speaking in the same confusing dialect as him that only Rocket Racoon or a few others understand.

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