You Can Now Lock Your Whatsapp Screen On The Desktop

I know how it feels when someone spies on your WhatsApp chats while they are on your desktop, violating your privacy in the worst way. But that no longer is the case as WhatsApp is developing a new feature to allow users to screen lock WhatsApp on their PCs and laptops.

A wabetainfo report says, WhatsApp on the desktop will let users enable screen lock, which will mean you have to log in every time you use WhatsApp with a password. For its web version, WhatsApp isn't making it the default setting, but users can choose to use it as they like.

Along with passwords, WhatsApp on the web can also be unlocked using a fingerprint sensor, something that may not be possible for iPhone and Mac users.

Even if you forget your WhatsApp password, WhatsApp won't lock you out. Instead, you'll be asked to log out and link the device with a QR code on the web platform.

WhatsApp's Linked Devices feature already offers biometric security, letting you access your WhatsApp account on the web. However, adding another layer of security does help prevent people from stealing your chat history.