You're Not Safe If You're Using Whatsapp GB


New research reports that India is among the countries with highest number of Android trojans and has the most users of unofficial, cloned WhatsApp versions.

According to a recent threat report from Cyber Security Firm ESET, GB WhatsApp - an unofficial version of WhatsApp is spying on private chats of its users.

ESET report also found that  GB WhatsApp was behind a large portion of Android spyware detections over the past four months.

"Since the cloned WhatsApp app isn't available on Google Play, there are no security checks compared to the legitimate WhatsApp, and versions available on various download websites are infected with malware," the report stated.

The report also notes “WhatsApp is even temporarily banning accounts that use such unsupported apps and if these accounts continue to use them, they are permanently banned from accessing WhatsApp."

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