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Write for Us

We embrace new writers to the MHT Space and we strive to present our readers with informative and diverse content. If you enjoy reading MHT Space and would like to contribute scoops and become a part of this beloved space. We welcome you to MHT Space.

Here are the following topics we accept for guest posts :

  • Technology
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogging and SEO
  • Business and Strategies
  • Movies and Series
  • Entertainment Related
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Beauty Care

Topics we do not accept :

  • Articles that are out of our space.
  • Topics related to house construction, home appliances, and utensils.
  • Casino, gambling, betting, and related topics.
  • Browse our blog before contributing an article.

Here’s what to consider before providing your article :

Guidelines :

  1. Articles must be original and authentic, with at least 800-1000 words. We only accept well-written articles.
  2. Neither poor articles nor links to illegal or fraudulent sites are encouraged.
  3. You can make 2 do-follow links to your own site. The links must be relevant to the article.
  4. You must include high-quality images in your post.
  5. Every post is reviewed and evaluated before being published.
  6. We will notify you when the post has been published.
  7. You must provide your name and biography (optional).

If you adhere to the guidelines and are willing to contribute a guest post. Email us with the subject line of “GUEST POST:” so we can filter out any emails containing guest posts.

Contact and submit via : ( [email protected])